WASZP European Championships

From June 28th – July 1st  in the short history of the class, the biggest ever fleet of WASZPs will assemble at Lake Garda Italy. The European Championships held at Fraglia Vela Malcesine has been met with a high level of excitement and anticipation by competitors and supporters.

Over 60 WASZPs have entered with around 70 expected for the event, this is a sensational effort for a class only 2 years old and in its infancy. One of the key elements of the WASZP which has the class thriving, is the welcoming nature and large focus on enjoyment and participation. These events are not just for the sailors, it is for friends and families to come and enjoy a 4 day spectacle and everything the WASZP brand has to offer.

The manufacturer offers complete support on-site with all the knowledge needed to make these boats go fast. There is also a full range of spare parts available and support is always on hand to make sure that the sailors are able to get back on the water if they have an issue. The knowledge in the fleet has come a long way in the past 12 months and everyone now has a good knowledge base to ensure their boats are fully up to speed prior to the event. There is also a 3 day camp conducted by WASZP prior to the event, this was booked out over a month before the event showing how keen the competitors are to learn about the boats.

WASZP clinics are a feature of the event


Another point of difference for the class has been the experimentation with different race formats. One format that is making the sailing world sit up and take notice is the slalom event. Set-up slightly different to the windsurfing version of this concept, the WASZPs sail through gates down-wind (more akin to downhill ski slalom). This allows the boats to pick their own line and encourage passing lanes. We are looking forward to streaming this event live on the WASZP Games Facebook page www.facebook.com/waszpgames. All highlights of the championship racing and off water lifestyle will also be available through this page.


There is a number of quality sailors in the event, with a number of ex- Olympic sailors jumping in the WASZP due to its level playing field (one-design) and its affordability. There is also an international flavour with 2 Australians Jack Abbott and Tom Trotman being joined by Bruce Curson from New Zealand. Trotman placed 3rd at the Australian Nationals while Abbott was 5th, Curson won the New Zealand Nationals in windy conditions. It will be very interesting how the battle between the southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere unfolds, with the 2019 WASZP Games held in January in Perth, Australia it will set the scene for what is expected to be over 100 WASZPs at that event.

French 470 Olympian Pierre Leboucher


Tom Trotman, leading the pack at the Australian Nationals

The WASZP is building incredible momentum with 620 boats shipped worldwide only 2 years after production began, it has become the fastest growing high performance boat in the world.

We look forward to bringing this event to a global audience from the 28th June – 1st of July!