Lorenzo Chiavarini holds onto a slim lead as things close up at the top of ILCA 7 fleet.

Michael Beckett, Matt Wearn and Luke Elliott all had great days on the water to bring them right into contention with one more day of qualifying.

A tricky day of sailing with the south westerly fighting with the southeasterly offshore breeze for dominance meant some big gains and losses.

“The winds were fighting a lot and it was not so easy to manage to find a good strategy. I was trying to look for the pressure, but then the wind picked up after and it was more or less be in the pressure and run to one side” said ILCA 7 sailor Milivoj Dukic from Montenegro.

In the ILCA 6 class Brooke Wilson has stamped her authority on the regatta with another solid day out.

Paige Caldecoat leads the chasing pack with the top 5 still very tight.

Local sailor Ellen Sampson won Race 1 and took 6th in the second after struggling on Day 1.

“It was pretty shifty conditions. Not really what we are used to here in Adelaide. This time of year is always a bit different. But, I think it was really key to just play the shifts today. Keep it simple. Get a nice start.” said ILCA 6 sailor Ellen Sampson from Australia.

After waiting for the ILCA 6 fleet to complete their races, the ILCA 4’s only managed one race today.

Aidan Simmons continued to lead the regatta but Breanne Wadley, Jasper Stay and Caterina Meyer are ready to pounce on any mistake.

Tomorrow should see much of the same with conditions expected to remain tricky for the rest of the day.

Last day of qualifying tomorrow means we will see some of those close to the top taking some risk, and those towards the top looking to limit exposure.

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