FOILSZ – Taking Foiling to the world!

FOILSZ is the latest addition to the KA Sail stable, with the world beating MACH2 moth and the multi-award winning WASZP already dominating the foiling scene, this latest project is set to take foiling even further to the masses and grass roots of the sport.

The first foiling kit to come out of FOILSZ is an easy adaptable kit for the Laser class, the most popular ‘water hugging’ dinghy in the world to date, it is the perfect platform to embrace a FOILSZ foiling kit. The stable platform and retractable foils using the same system and components of a WASZP this provides the perfect introduction to the sport of foiling without the price tag.

Assembly is simple and can be adapted to a Laser in 15 minutes ready for foiling. The thinking behind using the WASZP components is to allow people to try foiling and then use the same components used on their Laser for the purchase of a WASZP, creating a pathway into fast high performance sailing for all sailors.

For people who currently own a WASZP and would like to use the components on a Laser a 30% discount will apply for the FOILSZ kit, if you purchase a FOILSZ kit and want to use the same components for the purchase of a WASZP you will receive a 12% discount on a WASZP minus the FOILSZ transferable components.

The design brief could not have been simpler. The team wanted to design a high-performance foiling solution for a mass produced boat so that more people could enjoy the thrill of sail foiling.

The essential design elements were –

  • simple fitting to a standard Laser with no modifications to the boat or rig
  • high performance foiling in all sailable weather conditions
  • the ability to launch in shallow water from a standard Laser beach trolley
  • foils that can be fully raised or lowered from within the boat
  • an inexpensive foiling solution for all sailors
  • precision engineering and high quality components


The foiling kit had to be ready to go “straight out of the box” so that users can go foiling as soon as the kit is fitted. Everything is just right, from the foils that are designed at exactly the right angle, to the responsive wand system.

Not only will your FOILSZ kit provide hours of foiling enjoyment, the quality design and components will make sure you enjoy it for years to come.

With the popularity of the WASZP sky-rocketing with 750 boats now worldwide and an international racing circuit, the FOILSZ concept compliments it perfectly and continues with the same motto of having fun while foiling.

The difference between this concept and others on the market is the stability and flexibility in flight, people can sail long runs of sustained flight, while also having the ability to embrace all points of sail. The boat performs remarkable well while sailing upwind giving the sailor the opportunity to develop all skills required to move into other high performance classes or just have a lot of fun foiling around.

The price bracket is another advantage of the system with a FOILSZ package costing just a touch over $USD3,000 plus shipping and taxes, following the theme of affordability and accessibility in all KA Sail products.

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