Bully’s Blog #2

Well the team is all here in Argentina. A few still to arrive at Club Nautico Albatros due to a transport strike, but we should get together today as a complete entity.

Finally got to meet Francisco, our other coach, who is a fine young fella! Very knowledgeable about Cadets and sailing in this location — it will be a pleasure to work with him.

But the good news is that we went sailing! We spent the morning assembling the boats. As always with commissioning new craft there was a bit to be done and we cobbled them together to get afloat.

The wind was light and variable but we managed to sail around for a while. The racing area is a fair way from Yacht Club. We sailed down a channel toward this area, capsized the boats to get the decks underwater to check the water tight compartments, quite a few did not pass (note: add to job list). We then ran home under spinnaker before taking the kids in tow as the breeze lightened further and the outgoing current increased. So a very light session with more than a few of the crews nodding off as the heat and jet lag took its toll.

While Francisco and I were out, most of the parents adjourned to the pool/bar area and took a well-earned rest. In the boat assembly period it was great to see everyone chipping in and helping get through what was always going to be a tough day.

After experiencing our first day here, today we will get cracking on our job list early before the heat arrives, enabling us to have some down time pre lunch as the temperature rises. Then a lengthy sail in the afternoon sea breeze. We have been told that we will be racing between 2pm and 6pm each day, so we will organise our training schedule to emulate this as closely as possible to develop a daily routine.