Lancelin Ocean Classic | Results

Photo by John Carter


  • Four time Lancelin Ocean Classic Windsurf Marathon Winner, Steve Allen places first in Windsurfing Marathon Race, closely followed friend and viral Patrik Diethelm.
  • Female world windsurfing speed record-holder, Karin Jaggi (Switzerland), first female to cross the finish line.
  • Alty Frisby took first place for Kitesurfing narrowly missing out on fastest on the water to Steve Allen.
  • Brendan Rice takes out first in the Ocean Paddle for the second year running
  • Photo finish for line honours for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Marathon.

The notorious Lancelin Wind finally came through just after lunch time yesterday, with competitors anxious to get in the water at Ledge Point and compete for the title of fastest Windsurfer, Kitesurfer or Paddler in the Lancelin Ocean Classic, Ledge to Lancelin Marathon.

Kitesurfers and Windsurfers entered the water at the same time, delivering an absolute spectacle on the horizon for onlookers on the beach.

The competition was tooth and nail between Steve Allen, Windsurfer and Alty Frisby, Kitesurfer. Allen eventually taking the lead and the competition for the Windsurfing Category.

Karin Jaggi of Switzerland, proved she holds the women’s title for a reason, being the first woman to cross the line on Lancelin Beach.

Another competitor to hold on to his title is Brendan Rice, the 26 year old paddler winning his second Lancelin Ocean Classic title in as many years.

“2017 Ledge to Lancelin Ocean Classic went off perfectly this year. The wind kicked in at 12 noon giving us plenty of time to check our gear before the start. I chose my 8.6m R8 Severne sail with my 115 Patrik Air Inside board which felt just perfect, so easy and fast, I really look forward to the 2017 season. I am stoked to win here again with such a huge fleet of fast racers. I was also happy to pass all the kite surfers after they started on the water 100m ahead of us and had a 200m shorter first reach. Just one caught me back at the finish when I slowed to check where to go through the last marks. Thanks to the whole team making the race possible again.”
Steve Allen, Pro Windsurfer

‘What a great few days of kitesurfing action! We had waves, wind, a race, hundreds of spectators and to top it off a banging party! Really well organised and just a really fun time! Will be back again.’ Ollie Jacobs, Editor of Freedom Kite Mag Australia

Further quotes and interviews can be arranged.

The results for the Windsurfing Marathon are as follows:


1 Steve Allen (101) 0:27:07 (–)
2 Patrik Diethelm (102) 0:28:47 (+1:39)
3 Rowen Law (107) 0:29:15 (+2:08)
4 Jesper Orth (105) 0:29:57 (+2:49)
5 Daniel Engdahl (106) 0:30:13 (+3:06)


1 Karin Jaggi (132) 0:31:47 (+1:29)
2 Justyna Sniady (147) 0:42:25 (+12:07)
3 Kirra Pallant (175) 0:43:20 (+13:02)
4 Lok Yiu Wong (148) 0:44:06 (–)
5 Lina Erpenstein (210) 0:45:51 (+15:33)

The results of the Kiteboarding Marathon are as follows:


1 Alty Frisby (342) 0:27:00 (–)
2 Philip Rowlands (332) 0:29:29 (+2:29)
3 Andrew Cooksey (362) 0:29:36 (+2:35)
4 Dale Stanton (375) 0:30:29 (+3:28)
5 Mani Bisschops (348) 0:31:07 (+4:06)


1 Rachael Hughes (350) 0:37:01 (+10:00)
2 Gina Hewson (347) 0:39:35 (+12:34)
3 Karin Scheiwiller (392) 0:41:25 (–)
4 Peri Roberts (324) 0:41:37 (+9:46)
5 Anne Nordgard (339) 0:57:19 (+30:18)

Paddle Marathon – Men:

1 Brendan Rice (264) 0:47:22 (–)
2 Michael Booth (271) 0:48:18 (+0:56)
3 Dan Humble (263) 0:49:13 (+1:50)
4 Dean Gardiner (274) 0:50:02 (–)
5 Kris Taylor (262) 0:50:12 (+2:49)

Paddle Marathon – Women:

1 Julie Jenkinson (267)
2 Tricis Gilbert (258) 1:01:25 (–)
3 Amanda Bowman (252) 1:02:11 (–)

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