Stay up-to-date with the live blog for this year’s Teakle Classic Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race as we bring you all the action for the race finishes this year.

It was a relatively quick race with Matt Allen’s Ichi Ban getting to Port Lincoln first, less than half an hour outside of the race record.


Ichi Ban, skippered by Matt Allen. Photos: Take 2 Photography

Just after 3.00am

Matt Allen’s Ichi Ban arrives is trucking across Boston Bay however just outside the race record set by Rob Date’s Scarlet Runner back in 2011. They had breeze at their backs for most of the race, but Allen says the square breeze angle was probably what forced them to miss the record.

We caught up with the crew on the docks in the wee hours to chat to Matt about his race and why he wanted to do his first Adelaide-Lincoln race.

About 30 to 45 minutes later (4.00am-ish)

Geoff Boettcher and his team on Secret Men’s Business arrive in Port Lincoln in second place, and the IRC picture starts to take shape.

It looks as though Allen and Ichi Ban will clinch the overall IRC honours with Boettcher likely to slot into second place.

We caught up with Boettcher to talk about the solemn feeling of getting to the destination in second place, something he hasn’t done for a number of years.

About 4.30am to 5.00am

TP52 Ambition, skippered by Chris Dare, and Jason Ward’s 45-foot Concubine arrive in Port Lincoln shortly after.

Concubine had a stellar race and looks poised to finish third overall on IRC.

Shining Sea, skippered by Andrew Corletto was about another hour behind them, the final boat of the big five race yachts that started the race.


Hometown heroes Fresh cross the line in sixth place ahead of some tough competition.

Skipper David Buckland said in the bar afterward that the race could not have gone any better for them and that he was really happy with how the crew performed.


We caught up with the team from The Tribe who finished well at about 10:30, just behind the likes of Fresh and also in a big pack of boats.

One of the crew, Jason Webb, shed some light on the race and talked us through his plans for the week.

Jason Webb – The Tribe


The oldest skipper in the fleet, Jimmy Howell in Vulcan, crossed the line in good time today.

Jimmy has been sailing this race for many years and this year continues to race well into his 90s.

Hats off Jim!

Jimmy Howell in Vulcan is the oldest skipper in the fleet. Photo: Take 2 Photography


Rob Date, the skipper of Scarlet Runner 11, has returned to the Lincoln Race in a new boat this year after many years campaigning the 51-foot Scarlet Runner in a fierce rivalry with Geoff Boettcher’s Secret Men’s Business.

Scarlet Runner 11 Sailing across Boston Bay. Photo: Take 2 Photography

After Matt Allen’s Ichi Ban fell just short of Date’s race record from 2011, Rob has “stuck it right up ‘em” in true Victorian fashion to his old rival.

Rob Date, Scarlet Runner 11


The team from Poco Loco, dubbed “the little crazy boat that could”, has arrived in Port Lincoln with a stellar finish.

They finished ahead of the Sydney 38s and skipper Dan Haynes steered the whole way over.

Team Poco Loco on the docks in Port Lincoln
Poco Loco heading towards the finish line. Photo: Take 2 Photography

We caught up with Haynes, as well as boat captain Tom Kennedy and navigator Jake Clark who were thrilled with how their race went.

Jake Clark, Dan Haynes, Tom Kennedy – Poco Loco


Later in the day, the smaller boats started to make their way into Port Lincoln.

Peter Teakle’s mentor yachts had a great tussle early but Matt Stephens on Lincoln Mentor ended up breaking away and getting to Port Lincoln in good time.

Simon Turvey on Born to Mentor finished later on in the afternoon.

Matt Stephens’ Lincoln Mentor arrived in good time. Photo: Take 2 Photography


The last of the boats are starting to make their way into Port Lincoln in a dying breeze, however they have persisted throughout what has been a very warm day.

Cinnbad, Veloce and Southern Myth are the three boats inside Boston Bay with the final three boats, Myuna III, Wind Weaver and Guava, a little bit further behind.

Yellowbrick Tracker early on Saturday evening.