It is a well earned lay for our team. Most will spend the day sightseeing and taking it easy. It is still very important to keep to our daily routine and not disrupt our sleep patterns and timing. The countryside surrounding Bodstedt has great bike riding tracks with some beautiful towns and magnificent beaches so I am sure all will have fun. Big Alex is taking some of the boys to drive some Soviet era tanks at a local military museum, others including your scribe will be partaking in gentler pursuits.

The racing yesterday was a mixed bag, the first race was a really poor one for the Aussie team. A 30-degree wind shift saw the fleet reaching into the top mark and threw the race into disarray. Our sailors were on the wrong side for the most part and suffered accordingly. But that is what happens occasionally in a sport dealing with the variables of wind and water. It must be said it is very trying conditions for the race committee and they are doing a pretty good job of getting the races in.

After that first race our day improved with some single digits and low teen finishes from our boats, but once again coming through from a long way back. We still have some work to do on that early race structure.

The day finished with a highlight of Archer Ibbott and James Gough winning Heat 8. Congratulations boys.

As a coach as the regatta unfolds, it is always bitter sweet. Some sailors are doing well and others not so great. But we do have all our team in the top half of the fleet, with Peter Allen and Ash Rawstron in fifth with remarkable consistency. And Arch and James have jumped into seventh. A few have slipped a bit but a healthy smattering of Aussie flags in the top 20. Over on the promotional course, Jarrah Harris Moore and Evie McDonald along with Aus/Germanic crew Khan Harris Moore and Paul are improving and learning all the time. All the sailors are giving their best and we will try and get everyone on the upswing for the last four races.

The Argentinian crew have taken a pretty strong grip with some pressure from the Belgians in second. Also amongst the leaders a smattering of Pole and Brits, all worthy adversaries.

In closing I would like to thank Sam Tiedeman for his help in coaching the team, he is heading off to compete at Cowes Week in England. Great effort and a good support. Thanks Sam.

Ok so goodbye from me, thanks everyone.