Well we have arrived in Bodstedt Germany, first team to set up. Warmly welcomed by our great hosts, Big Alex and the German contingent.

We came in by drips and drabs, Big Alex and his daughter Saskia (little Alexis) picked a group of us up from Tegel airport for the 350km drive. Danke mein freund! A lot of the families have been travelling and seeing the delights of Europe and many squeals and hugs as we all caught up again.

Well to those of you of a nautical bent, the venue looks very promising. Bodstedt is a small village with a small exceedingly quaint harbour. Our boats were waiting for us on the nicely grassed lawn, thank you Blueblue boats. As we arrived we were straight away rolling up our shirtsleeves and getting into setting up. To this end we were able to all get out on the water for a quick sail to check everything and there has been no major initial issues at this stage. Bravo team.

But the best news is wind! A lovely 15-knot warm southerly for the first two days. Big Alex assures me the wind will stay but as always, the pessimist in me is scared we will use up our quota.

The lake we are racing on is quite large and shallow with a depth of about 3.5 metres (no inverting boats kids, if you capsize). The water is quite brown and pretty fresh, only slightly brackish as the entrance to the Baltic Sea is a distance away and quite small. The surrounding topography is quite flat, and extremely pretty. The kids were excited to get out on the water.

So looking ahead our preparation begins in earnest. A few chats today about the challenges ahead and getting our daily routine in place. Then out on the water for a lengthy training session. For our weeks training prior to the worlds we will try and emulate the regatta itself with our schedule to help with our acclimatisation and routine setting.

So all looking good early. The Germans have been incredibly helpful of which we are grateful. Things will really start moving along now with marquees and sundry erections turning the little port into a regatta venue.

Auf wiedersehen.