As we approach the opening season of the exciting SuperFoiler Grand Prix, an exciting new partnership has been announced between SuperFoiler and Forward WIP.

In a statement made by SuperFoiler Grand Prix, it said “we are proud to announce our recent partnership with leading technical apparel and safety water sport gear provider Forward WIP for our world-first series of the SuperFoiler Grand Prix”.

“Forward WIP are the most progressive brand in technical and safety water sport equipment for foiling craft,” SuperFoiler’s Chief Operating Officer, Jack Macartney, said.

“The performance of the SuperFoiler demands a greater need for safety and technical support for the crew on board and we are confident the Forward WIP brand can deliver what we need.”

With extensive partnerships in high performance foiling, the credentials of Forward WIP span from their America’s Cup involment back from the switch on foiling platform where many teams are using their equipment to their pledge of support for A Cat sailor Glenn Ashby, multi world champion who aims to fly on water just as the SuperFoiler moves.

As a leader in technological advancements in water impact protection, Forward WIP’s innovative range of products is an integral part of the testing and development phase of the SuperFoiler Machine. Their expert knowledge in foiling protection technology will make the crews competing on the SuperFoiler some of the safest on water and some would say, in the air.

Remi Finiel, General Manager at Forward WIP commented “the innovative concept of the SuperFoiler, to build it from the foils up, directly correlates with the creative approach Forward WIP looks to bring into the this high performance water sport.“

“The partnership between SuperFoiler and Forward WIP benefits both parties. SuperFoiler is able to protect their crews with the best quality in high performance sailing gear and Forward WIP can further develop and test products that we hope, not only benefits the crews in the series but other crews around the world” said Finiel.

The series kicks off early December 2017. All 6 teams competing in the series will be kitted out in Forward WIP gear ready to compete in the inaugural SuperFoiler Grand Prix. The series promises to depart traditional limitations to bring the public the next generation, world-leading sail-racer.