The Laser is one of the largest sailing classes in the world with more than 16,000 members from right across the world — and with so many people sailing this one design class that has remained somewhat unchanged for many years, the need for class developments to keep people interested is a must.

Recently the Laser association introduced the new Radial cut Full Rig sail and it seems to have been a positive change for the future of the class.

Many sailors have expressed their love of the new sail including Frank Bucek from Victoria, who used one at the recent nationals at the Adelaide Sailing Club. He said he believed the radial cut sails were heavier and would have a greater life span, which was always a positive result for amateur sailors.

Another development in the class has been the introduction of the carbon top section, which will be available for purchase early this year. This development has been a long time coming for the class with the older aluminium top sections often bending and becoming weaker as they get bent back into shape.

Bucek said he was also very excited for the carbon top sections to be allowed on the race course as it paired with the new radial cut sail very well and would create a new level of racing for the Full Rig Laser sailors.

He said the carbon section would bring in new strength allowing the boats to be pushed further than ever before and the way it has been designed means there was no benefit performance-wise so it is up to the individual if they would like to use the new carbon section or stick with the old aluminium model.

These developments will help to keep sailors interested in the Laser class while also ensuring the best technology and materials are put into the boats for maximum output of the class in both energy and performance.