Pro windsurfer Steve Allen is confirmed for the 2017 Lancelin Ocean Classic, returning to the coastal town to claim victory for another year. Allen has been competing in the Lancelin Ocean Classic for years, winning the marathon race four times, and narrowly missed out on taking the win in the 2016 Ledge Point to Lancelin Windsurfing Marathon to French Windsurfer Cyril Moussilini.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is one of Australia’s most iconic Windsurfing and Kitesurfing events. I’m looking forward to returning to the WA coast and competing against some of Australia’s strongest Windsurfers in the Ledge to Lancelin Marathon. Last year was such a good race against Cyril, it was so great having some of the best international riders to race against in The Classic. The competition has really grown since the first time I competed in the early 90s,” said Allen on the Classic event.

The 42 year old Windsurfer has had an outstanding career, becoming a World Champion nine times, and has been a front runner as one of Australia’s best Windsurfers since the early 90s. His experience on the water has secured him sponsorship from Severne Sails and Patrik Boards, who he will be riding for during next year’s classic.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is in it’s 32nd year and will bring the best local, national and international kitesurfers, windsurfers, ocean skiiers and SUP boarders to the shores of Lancelin, just over an hour north of Scarborough. The weekend, which will run from 12-15 of January 2017, will be host to thousands of competitors and spectators as people flock from around WA to witness the best that the coastal town has to offer.

The weekend will kick off with the Sailors Welcome on Friday 13 January, where competitors and visitors can take in the stunning Lancelin scenery, enjoy a drink and entertainment on Lancelin Beach. The main Marathon event will take place on the Saturday 14 January with Kites and Windsurfers competing together for the second year running.

Registrations for the event are now open and can be found at